Photojournalism (261294)

Learning Outcomes

•    Detail the fundamental milestones in the history of photography and photojournalism, from the beginning to the present day;
•    Reflection on the role of photography and photojournalism in today's world.
•    Domain of the basic technical concepts of digital photography (photographic recording process, from exposure to focus, through depth of field, freezing and dragging of the image and use of portable flash).
•    Understanding the specificity of the photojournalistic image.
•    Understanding the relevance of photojournalism in the current media landscape

Study Program

1.    The beginnings of photography (from pictorial representation to photography)
2.    Photography to conquer your right to be a city
3.    Relationship between photography and painting (This Will Kill That!)
4.    Paint with Light
5.    Photography, an emancipated art
6.    The Decisive Moment
7.    Chromatic contrast
8.    Black and white and color
9.    The photographer's body as a creative agent in photography
10.    Photo and Text - Strong Relationships
11.    The testimonial photo
12.    What people do with the photos
13.    On “objectivity” in photography and photojournalism.
Photography - The Truth of the Lie
14.    Photography “Senn from the Inside”, with stories behind the story

1.    The importance of photography in the media
1.1.    Photography as information
1.2.    Photojournalism in constant mutation
2.    Practical photography assignments
2.1.    News
2.2.    Portrait
2.3.    Reporting
2.4.    Sport
2.5.    Documentary
2.6.    Social
2.7.    Nature
3.    Photography Settings.
4.    Camera components.
5.    Diaphragm, shutter speeds, and their relationship.
6.    Digital CMOS and CCD sensors.
7.    Types of photometers, types of measurement.
8.    Color temperature.
9.    Camera programs.
10.    Using the flash.
11.    Conception and production of portfolios.
12.    Photoshoots for publication on the “Focal Distance” Project page.

Depending on the dynamics generated in the class, and always bearing in mind the benefit of the students, the scheduling of the aforementioned contents may be changed.



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