Perception Psychology (261061)

Learning Outcomes

This UC intends to develop students' research capacity in the area of Communication Design based on the concepts and themes addressed in the field of perception psychology. Based on the study of the various sensory processes of mental activity (attention, perception and sensation), it is intended to deepen the critical capacity underlying professional practice in order to develop conditions for the production, publication and sharing of knowledge.
It is also intended to develop in the future professionals the creativity and understanding of human beings in the way they express themselves and how they communicate ideas and messages to others, always with a view to deepening knowledge that allows the understanding of perceptions in conceptual and contemporary terms.

Study Program

Introduction: concept and psychology object
1.    Parte- Cognitive Psychology 
1.2. Cognitive Psychology and Perception : concept 
1.2.1. Cognitive theories: Bruner and Miller
1.3. Sources of cognitive revolution: artificial intelligence, cybernetics,information theory and neuroscience

2.    Parte - From Psychology of Forma to sensory  
2.1.    Gestalt Psychology or Form Psychology
2.2.    The Gestalt stages
2.3.    The Gestalt  areas
2.4.    Sensory and Perceptual Processes: attention, sensation and perception

3.    Parte – Perception Psychology 
3.1.    Theories of Perception
3.2.    Types of Perceptions
3.2.1.    The level of perceptual certainties (shape, size, color and brightness)
3.2.2.    In terms of form and perceptive content (shape, depth, movement and color)

4.    The visual illusions (geometric and angular, size / distance, direction, position, brightness and contrast, color, movement)

5.    Psychology of Color



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