Video Production II (261071)

Learning Outcomes

Get to know the process of creating a cinematographic work and apply the
same process in other multimedia productions.

Study Program

Fundamental notions of cinematographic language:
⎯ Cinematographic genres.
⎯ Notion of shot; Image Composition;
⎯ Treatment of time and space; Camera Movements.
⎯ The place of the director.

The process of making a film:
⎯ Pre-Production: Script; Storyboard; Animatik; Project Dossier; Material (cameras and lenses).
⎯ Production: Direction of Photography; Representation; Directing; Sound recording; Artistic Direction.
⎯ Post-Production: Editing; Transitions; Sound; Color Grading.
⎯ Distribution: Festival circuit; Trailer; Poster.



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