Communication Law (261259)

Learning Outcomes

Know the rights of the professionals and consumers of information
Grant a basic training to develop the job tasks of professionals, according open, free and plural society, respecting the values of the European culture model

Study Program

1. Freedom of expression, the first face of communication
1.1. The tension between power and freedom. The censorship. The Court of the “Santo Ofício”.
1.2. The Enlighment and the Reformation eras.
1.3. The American independence and the French Revolution.
2. The sources of the communication law.
2.1. The principles and assumptions of the rule of law. The guarantee of fundamental rights, article 9 of paragraph b) of the CRP; universal suffrage and political parties, article 10 of the CRP; the principle of universality, article 12 of the CRP; the principle of equality, article 13 of the CRP; the direct effect of fundamental rights, article 18 of the CRP.
3. The expression and information freedom.
3.1. The freedom of social communication.
3.2. The freedom of creation and copyright.
3.3. The right of access to information sources.
3.4. The right to secrecy and guarantee of independence. 
3.5. The freedom to enterprise.
4. Independence and plural information grants.
4.1. The fundamental principles. 
4.2. Public Service of radio and TV. 
5. The legal limits of social communication rights.
5.1. Criminal Liability 
5.2. Civil protection of personality rights.
5.3. The responsibility of journalists.
5.4. Limits to programming freedom. 
6. Portuguese social media rules.
6.1. The ERC entity and its background
7. Law protection.
7.1. Personal Data Protection 
7.2. Software Protection 
7.3. Database Protection 
7.4. Topography Protection 
7.5. Computer Crime.



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