Mission and Objectives

Created in 2004, the GRI (Office for International Relations) has the mission of promoting the internationalization of the ISMT, through cooperation, exchange and mobility relationships with academic and other international institutions, with a focus on Europe and Portuguese-speaking countries. To that end, we look for:
  • Involve ISMT students, faculty and staff in internationalization dynamics that enhance their personal, academic and professional value;
  • To welcome students, faculty and staff from partner institutions in academic and professional activities at ISMT;
  • Promote and support ISMT's participation in international academic programs;
  • Promote and support the integration of ISMT in international academic networks and associations;
  • Ensure the organization and continuity of activities carried out within the scope of international programs and networks; Promote and support the integration of ISMT in the international education market, namely through the International Student Tender for apply and entry ISMT's degrees.


Maria João Barata, PhD

Contact Person

Ms. Raquel Palma

Academic International Coordinators

Curso Coordenador
1º Cycle on Social Work Dulce Simões, PhD
1º Cycle on Psychology Henrique Vicente, PhD
1º Cycle on Business Communication Filipe Silva, PhD
1º Cycle on Journalism Sofia Figueiredo, PhD
1º Cycle on Multimedia Professor Frederico Fonseca
1º Cycle on Computer Sciences Luís Cunha, PhD
1º Cycle on Communication Design Maria Luísa Costa, PhD
1º Cycle on Human Resources Management Fátima Ney Matos, PhD
1º Cycle on Management Vasco Almeida, PhD
2º Cycle on Social Work   Rosa Tomé, PhD
2º Cycle on Clinical Psychology Henrique Vicente, PhD

Office Hours

From Monday to Friday, from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 a.m.


GRI – Office for International Relations
Miguel Torga Institute of Higher Education
Largo da Cruz de Celas, 1 
3000-132 Coimbra
+351 239 488 037

We are at the upper floor of the “Pink Building”