ISMT organizes international cooperation event on marketing for sports bodies

The Miguel Torga Higher Institute's Degree in Business Communication is organising an international cooperation event on May 14, starting at 9am, with content and themes related to the marketing of sports organisations.

This event is the result of an "International Internship" between the Miguel Torga Higher Institute and the University of Cádiz, which runs from 13/05/2024 to 17/05/2024.

The guest speakers are:
- Rafael Cano Tenorio on 'Introduction to Sports Marketing; Marketing management in sports organisations';
- César Serrano Domínguez (Professor at the University of Cádiz) on 'Personal brands in sports marketing';
- Diego Gómez-Carmona (awarded in 2023 as lead author of one of the top 20 Neuromarketing studies worldwide) with the topic 'Practical application of Neuromarketing tools in sports marketing research'.

The session will take place on 14 May from 9am at the Instituto Superior Miguel Torga in room 1 of Polo B on Rua Bernardo de Albuquerque, nº 4 in Coimbra and is aimed at students on the Business Communication course.

It's organised by Professors Luís Filipe Silva (coordinator) and José Vicente Serrano (lecturer) from the Business Communication degree course at the Miguel Torga Higher Institute.