Citizenship, Risks, Exclusions and Social Work (241161)

Learning Outcomes

Reflection, problematization and conceptualization of issues related to citizenship, risks and exclusions in their dialogue with professional practices and research in Social Work;
Promote a space for the co-construction of knowledge in order to enrich the internship experiences.

Study Program

1. Citizenship Contributions to Political Action
1.1. Aristotelian or Republican-Civic Tradition
1.2. Liberal-Individualistic Tradition
1.3. Municipal Social Work: A Practice that Promotes Citizenship?
2. Modern Risks and Uncertainties
2.1. Etymology and Historical Framework of Risk
2.2 - Risk Society: Uncertain Experiences
2.3 - Social Work, Modernity and Risk
   2.3.1 - Contemporary Governmentality Strategies
3. Social Exclusion in Late Modernity
3.1. Precariousness, Defiliation Processes
4. Human Consequences of Austerity Policies in Portugal
4.1. Contexts, Statements and Evidences of Poverty and Exclusion



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