Fundamentals of Design (261055)

Learning Outcomes

The curricular unit Fundamentals of Design, will aim to promote critical reflection on what is design and the importance of methodology in the processes of project development, through the practice of design based on a set of theoretical lessons on the structural and conceptual basis of the practice of Design, namely the basic elements of visual language: composition, typography, colour and iconography, considering the importance of signification in the field of visual communication.

Study Program

1. Project methodology
2. Technological tools: principles and uses
3. Visualization of ideas, mind maps and semantic graphical maps
4. Basic principles of typography: selection of fonts (print or screen); readability (print and screen); hierarchy; the typography as image.
5. Basic principles of color: terminology, color and light color pigment, legibility, contrasts, harmony and symbology
6. Basic principles of composition, layout, grids, articulation of the different elements that compose the layout.



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