Information Systems Development (271138)

Learning Outcomes

Students should be able to understand all the concepts associated to the creation and maintenance of a project and should be able to develop correctly all the phases of a project to solve several types of problems. They should know how to work in a team. The students should know how to work with versi on control systems and the main software development methodologies.

Study Program

The structure of a project according PMBoK® Guide from Project Management Institute (PMI). The various stages of project management including the start, planning, implementation, control and closure.

Development and writing of all technical documentation of a project. Analysis and implementation of case studies about the various stages of the project.

1 - Introduction to projects and Project Management

2 - Areas of knowledge related to Project Management

3 - Start of project

4 - Project Planning

5 - Project Implementation

6 - Project Control

7 - Delivery and review of Project

Version Control Systems (GIT)

Software Development Methodologies



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