Multimedia Laboratory II (261251)

Learning Outcomes

1. Provide students with a set of practical skills that promote the analysis, implementation, and management of multimedia projects based on digital platforms, particularly on social networks;
2. Develop digital knowledge and literacy in social media contexts;
3. Provide students with communication skills in digital contexts;
4. Develop working techniques and practical resources within the scope of online professional visibility.

Study Program

1) Digital Platforms and Social Media
a) History and evolution of social media
b) Platforms and social media
c) Mobile apps
d) Social media Content
e) Interaction with users
f) Monetization
2) Personal Online Branding and Communication
a) Branding and self-branding
b) Hard Skills and Soft Skills
c) Online reputation management
d) Audiovisual aesthetics, formats
e) Presentation style, narratives, languages, tone
f) Tactics of visibility on digital platforms
g) Work techniques and time management
3) Methods of work
a) Information sources search
b) Citation and references



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