Public Relations Theory (261166)

Learning Outcomes

•    Transmit the basic concepts and the importance of studying and knowing the variables related to Public Relations, in order to define and plan Communication strategy.
•    Be aware of, understand and discuss the basic techniques of the Public Relations activity.
•    Recognize the role and importance of the PR function in organizations.
•    In the practice PR, recognize the relationships with different interlocutors.

Study Program

Theoretical Foundations of Public Relations
-    The Public Relations Role
The Public Relations Professional: Personality and Qualifications 
Competencies of the Public Relations Professional

The main models of Public Relations 
-    The PR Concept
Characteristics of PR as a Social Communication Activity 
Public Relations Objectives
The field of Public Relations

-    Public Relations Activities
PR, Marketing and Advertising

-    The PR Process
Essential Phases of the Public Relations Process 
Levels of the Public Relations Process
Public Opinion training Processes

-    Public and Public Opinion
In-house Public 
External Public
-    PR as an Institutional Communication Tool 
Integrated Communication Theory 
Integrated Marketing Communication

-    International PR
The concept of international public relations

-    Professional ethics and deontology in Public Relations



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