Social Law (241164)

Learning Outcomes

* Know the main human values of civil society
* know the rights and charges of the citizens on civil society
* Know the rules of protection and repair of the social risks

Study Program

1. Civil Law as a personal right and a factor of individual freedom, within the framework of ethical and moral or corporate values that impose mandatory rules. 
Structuring Civil Law as Social Law 
The Social Law “strictu sensu” or reparative and compensatory law. 
2. The Family and Society as a factor of organization and social stability. 
3. The sources of Family Law (art. 1576 c.c.); Marriage (art. 1577 a 1587), Parentage, Affinity and Adoption (arts 1576 a 1586 c.c.)
4. Modalities and History of Marriage (art. 1587 c.c.)
      The Diriment Impediments (arts. 1601 e 1602 c.c.)
      Imeding Impediments (arts. 1604 a 1608 c.c.)
5. Marriage effects on people and spouses property 
      Equality and Duties of spouses (arts.1671 a 1677 c.c.)
      Administration of the couple’s assets(arts.1678 a 1681 c.c)
      Disposal or encumbrance of furniture, real estate and comercial premises 
      The spouses’ debts (arts. 1690 a1697 c.c.)
      Property Regimes (arts. 1717 c.c.).
6. Divorce and Judicial Separation of Property in the new wording given to the Civil Code by law nº 61/2008 Of October 31st. 
7. Filiation (arts. 1796 a 1802 c.c.)
8. Maternity (arts. 1803 a 1813 c.c.)
9. Paternity (arts. 1826 a 1846 c.c.)
      The recognition of Paternity (art.1847 c.c.)
      Profiling art.1849); Unofficial verification of paternity (arts 1864 e 1865 c.c.); Judicial Recognition (arts. 1869 a 1873 c.c)
10. Adoption (art. 1973 c.c.). Full adoption (arts1979 e segs c.c.) and Restricted Adoption (arts. 1992 e segs. c.c.)
11. Minors (art.122 c.c.); Coming of age and emancipation (arts. 130 e segs c.c.).
12. The Labor Code Revision Law nº 7/2009 de 12nd of February.
The Transposition of European directives as major references of the European social model, inscribed in our Labor Code (art. 2 c.t.)
Age to work (art. 3. c.t.)
13. Sources of Labor Law (arts. 1 e 2 do c.t.)
      Notion of Labor Contract (arts.11 e 12 c.t.)
      Personality Rights (arts. 13 a 17 c.t.) and other protection principles. 
      Equality and non-discrimination (arts 23 e segs c.t.)
      Harrassment (art 29 c.t.) and gender equality (art. 30 c.t.)
14. Parenting (arts.33 e segs c.t.)
      Parenting Protection. The various licenses and absences (art.35 c.t.)
15. The student-worker (arts 89 e segs c.t)
16. Information about Labour Contract (art. 106 c.t)
      Form (art 110 c.t.);
      Trial Period (art III c.t.) and its duration (art. 112)
      Duties and Rights of the employer and the worker (arts 127 e 128 c.t.);
      Employee guarantees 
      Part-Time Contract (art. 150 c.t)
      Temporary Work (art. 172 c.t.); Duration (arts. 182 e segs)
17. Type of Employment Contract 
      Fixed-term Contract (arts. 140 e 141 c.t.)
      Duration of the fixed-term contract (arts.148 e 149 c.t.)
      Part-time contract (art. 150 c.t.)
      Temporary contract (art. 172 c.t.); Duration (arts 182 e segs)
18. Termination of Employment Contract 
      Prohibition of dismissal without fair cause (art.338.c.t)
      Expiration (art 343 c.t)
      Employment Contract Revocation (art. 349 c.t)
19. Dismissal on the initiative of the employer 
      Fair Cause (art 351 c.t). Procedures (art 352 e segs c.t)
      Dismissal for reasons attributable to the worker (arts 357 e segs)
      Collective Dismissal (arts 359 e segs c.t.)
      Dismissal for non-adaptation (arts 373 e segs c.t.)
      Illegality of dismissal (arts 381 e segs c.t)
20. The Basic Health Law, - Law 48/90 de 24.08. The National Health Service question 
21. Nationality – Decree-Law 237 A-2006 of 14 of December. 
22. Asylum Law – Law 27/2008 of 30 of June. 
23. Concession of Portuguese Nationality, Ordinance 1403 – A/2006
24. Foreigners Law – Law nº 23/2007 of 4th of July 
25. Fundamental Social Rights. Genesis; The constitutional consecration of fundamental social rights. From individual human rights to political rights. The emergence of social rights. The limits to its application. The ideological limits. Neoliberalism. Financial limits. The reserve of the possible. The forms of state financing. The taxes; The fees; The loans. The sovereign debpt problem. The currency.  The assumptions and principles on which they are based. In the Constitutional framework: The great tasks of the State artº9 d); universality of rights, artº12; equality, artº13; legal force, artº18; universal suffrage and democracy, artº10; the State of Law.
Social Rights in the Constitution. The Right of Petition and popular action, artº52; Social Security and Solidarity, artº53; Health, artº64; Housing and urbanism, artº65; Environment and quality of life, artº66; Citizens with disabilities, artº71; The Elderly, artº72; Education, culture and science, artº73; Education, artº74; Fruition and cultural creation, artº78; Physical culture and sport, artº69.
26. Social Security 
1. Origin, concept and definition 
2. Evolution of social protection
3. Social Security schemes 
4. Personal scope, declaration of employment relationship, registration and employment relationship
5. Contributions/subscriptions
6. Contribution rates 
7. Scope of Social Security
8. Installments
      8.1. of the genereal regime 
      8.2. of the special regime 
      8.3. Contributory benefits. The welfare system
      8.4. Compensatory benefits 
      8.5. Benefits for physical risks/occupational illnesses
      8.6. Non-contributory benefits. The solidarity system
      8.7. Benefits from other entities
9. Social action benefits (social action system)
10. The complementary system
11. The sustainability of social security  



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