The Portuguese Economy and Society (241119)

Learning Outcomes

* Critically contextualize the perspective of the current dominating economic theory
* Understand the mechanisms of macroeconomic activity
* Relate the aggregate variables and understand the foundations of the macroeconomic politics
* Contextualize the Portuguese economy and society in the economic world system
* Analyze the historical conditionings of the development of the Portuguese capitalism
* Know the several options of economic policies faced with the current conjuncture
* Discuss the main contemporary problems of the Portuguese economy and of society inside the context of the European Union and of the economic world system

Study Program

PART I - Basic concepts of Economics
1. Definition of economics
1.1. The conventional perspective of economics
1.2. Alternative economic perspetives
1.3. The methodology of economics
1.4. The problems of economic organization
1.5. Government intervention in the economy

2. Basics concepts of macroeconomics
2.1. Goals and tools of macroeconomic policy
2.2. Aggregate demand and aggregate supply
2.3. Measuring economic activity
2.4. The fluctuations of economic activity
2.5. Stabilization policies

3. International trade and international economic organizations
3.1. The theories of international trade
3.2. Protectionism and free trade
3.3. Exchange rates and international monetary system
3.4. The International Economic Organizations
3.5. The common European currency

PART II - Economy and Society in Portugal
1. Introduction: The Portuguese economy and in the world economic system
2. The introduction of the democratic regime and entry into the European Union
3. The Portuguese economy and the process of joining the single currency
4. Financial Crisis, External Debt and Budget Deficit
5. The recovery of the Portuguese economy
6. The Portuguese economy in context of pandemics



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