TV Journalism Laboratory (261202)

Learning Outcomes

Understand and simulate the television journalism practice. 

Study Program

Concepts and written technics for tv; news production; newsgathering (images and interviews); live reports simulations; handing recorded material; editing news stories for tv; manipulation; hierarchy of television news. 



JESPERS, Jean Jacques – Jornalismo televisivo – Coimbra: Minerva, 1998
YORKE, Ivor – Jornalismo diante das câmaras – São Paulo: Summus Editorial, 1998
BARBEIRO, Heródoto – Manual de telejornalismo – Rio de Janeiro, Campus, 2003
WHITE, Ted – Broadcast news: writing, reporting and producing – 3ª ed. USA: Elsevier Science USA, 2002
DAYAN, Daniel – A história em directo: Os acontecimentos mediáticos na televisão – Coimbra, Minerva, 1999