Video Production II (261300)

Learning Outcomes

The Production Video II course aims to deepen students' knowledge of theoretical concepts acquired in the Video Production I course applied in a practical environment, inherent to video production. 
It intends to train students in the operation of professional tools and software, introducing the concepts and practical techniques in the art of video and sound applied to the production of different contents - of which the documentary and promotional genres stand out.

Study Program

1.    Planning – the production process
    1.1.    Narrative and storytelling;
    1.2.    Script, synopsis, storyboard, storyline;
    1.3.    The idea and operationalization of the steps needed for video production; 

2.    Content production
    2.1.    Production, lights and camera operation;
    2.2.    Editing and mastering;
    2.3.    Documentary – history, concept, language, aesthetics and representations;
    2.4.    The role of the narrator; 
    2.5.    The promotional video – models and persuasion techniques; 
    2.6.    Videoclip;

3.    Promotion and dissemination 
    3.1.    Internet;
    3.2.    Social networks;
    3.3.    Physicial promotion;



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