Web Content Production (261302)

Learning Outcomes

The Business Communication curricular unit aims to provide students with skills in the field of management and production of digital content for multiplatforms, acquiring notions of the elements of user experience in Human-Computer interaction. The scenario of the course is the context of the Internet and its repercussions on Communication and Arts. It is intended to explore the instruments and communication channels, enabling students to develop and produce communication strategies, through the design of digital multimedia narratives and in the administration of content dissemination platforms on the Web, providing basic notions of website design. / portals / forums / social networks.

Study Program

1.    Digital Environment 
    1.1.    From Web 1.0 to Web 3.0; 
    1.2.    The era of prosumers; 
    1.3.    New narratives (Digital Storytelling); 
    1.4.    New business ecosystem: crowdfunding, digital advertising, digital marketing and blended marketing.

2.    Digital Content Management 
    2.1.    Principles of content management; 
    2.2.    Content management features; 
    2.3.    Applications of content management systems; 
    2.4.    Online marketing strategies: email marketing, social networks, SEO, SEM. 

3.    Multiplatform Production 
    3.1.    Navigability: accessibility, functionality and usability; 
    3.2.    Introduction to UX and UI: Nilson Heuristics; 
    3.3.    Web tools for the production, publication and storage of content: video, audio, dynamic content, web pages; 
    3.4.    Multiplatform projects: planning and management; 
    3.5.    Crossmedia and Transmedia Storytelling strategies.



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