Duration: 6 Semesters

Scientific Coordination: João Nuno Morais Lopes, PhD
Scientific Coordination Contact:

International Coordination: Vasco Almeida, PhD
International Coordination Contact: 



Provide quality and current training in the area of management, in order to maximize the employability of future graduates;

Provide students with theoretical and practical knowledge in different areas of management;

Prepare students for the challenges of entrepreneurship and organizational innovation;

Develop skills in strategic development and internationalization processes.

Study Program

Curricular Units ECTS
Introduction to Management 5
Modeling in Management 4
Financial Accounting I 6
Mathematics Applied to Management 7
Microeconomics 4
Curricular Units ECTS
Organizational Behaviour 4
Information Technologies 4
Macroeconomics 4
Mathematics Applied to Management II 7
Financial Accounting II 6
Statistics I 5
Curricular Units ECTS
Strategic Management 5
Management Accounting 5
Marketing 5
Financial Analysis 6
Statistics II 5
Financial Calculus 4
Curricular Units ECTS
Human Resources Management 6
Operational Research 6
Financial Management 6
Corporate Law 4
Optional Curricular Unit 1 4
Optional Curricular Unit 2 4
Curricular Units ECTS
Decision Support Systems 5
Projects Analysis 6
Taxation 6
Auditing 5
Optional Curricular Unit 3 4
Optional Curricular Unit 4 4
Curricular Units ECTS
Internship 24
Operations Management 6

Study Program

Optional Curricular Units I e II ECTS
Ethics and Social Responsability 4
Structure of Portuguese Economics and Society 4
Entrepreneurship and Innovation 4

Study Program

Optional Curricular Units III e IV ECTS
Product Management 4
Management Control 4
Seminar on Game Theory in Management 4
Strategic and International Managment of Human Resources 4

Employment Opportunities

The scientific, technical and personal skills provided during the course enable graduates in Management to perform various functions, in areas such as organization and management, planning and strategy, and teaching and training. The course graduates are, therefore, able to exercise activities, as qualified staff, in areas such as:

Management of companies and organizations in general;

Financial Management;

Commercial Management and Marketing;

Management Control;

Business Consultancy and Auditing;


Application Classification for National Students:

Secondary education final grade – 50%;

Entrance Exam Classification – 50%.

One of the following Portuguese national exams:

06 Philosophy

04 Economy

16 Mathematics

18 Portuguese

International Students please consult our page dedicated to you: International Students
Erasmus students please contact our Office for International Relations:


Order number 11418/2020 [pdf] [in Portuguese]

Degree accredited by the Portuguese Agency for Assessment and Accreditation of Higher Education - (A3ES - Decision – pdf)

Registered in DGES – R/A-Ef 983/2011/AL03


Students Services:, +351 239 488 039/41
Office for International Relations:, +351 239 488 037