Empoderando Alunos com Deficiência Intelectual no Ensino Superior

On May 8, the event to promote the MULTIPLIER EVENT IHES Project: Empowering Students with Intellectual Disability in Higher Education will take place at Quinta da Conraria in Coimbra. The Promoting Entity is Iscte-IUL (ERASMUS+ funding). This project involves experts from Spain, Italy, Ireland and Portugal and different stakeholders from those countries.

PROGRAM | Venue: Casa do Forno. Casa do Redondo. Quinta da Conraria. Coimbra

09:00 Event opening
Erasmus+ IHES project working group | President and Vice-President APCC

09:30 Round Table | University Inclusion: Challenges and Solutions for Students with Intellectual Disabilities, Pablo Álvarez
Partners | Graça Gonçalves (APCC), Cavalcante Soares (ISMT), Cristina Vanessa Coimbra Nunes (FPCEUC)

11:00 Coffee Break

11:30 Round Table | Modules for Inclusion: Strategies for Promoting Equality and Supporting University Students with Intellectual Disabilities, Maria João Pena
Partners | Élia Costa (ISMT), Clara Cruz Santos (FPCEUC), Mara Costa presentation of Good Practice (APCC)

13:00 Lunch

14:30 Round Table | Co-construction of Strategies and Measures for Students with Intellectual Disabilities, Jorge Ferreira
Partners | Maria Rosa Tomé (ISMT), Sónia Guadalupe dos Santos Ribeiro Neves de Abreu (FPCEUC) Testimony from Catarina Vitorino (APCC), PhD student

16:00 Coffee Break

16:30 Closing conference | Inclusion and Independent Living at the University Pablo Álvarez, Jorge Ferreira, Maria João Pena

Zoom link: https://videoconf-colibri.zoom.us/j/91466812508?pwd=KzhubUYybHUveE9UbXhjK0tuVC9XZz09

Summary of activity:
Professors from ISMT's Social Work undergraduate and master's programmes took part in the different discussion tables of the IHES Project - Inclusive Higher Education System for Students with Intellectual Disabilities, in collaboration with the University of Coimbra and APCC, at the invitation of Iscte-IUL, which took place at Quinta da Conraria, APCC.
The project produced and debated the Digital Handbook for Independent Living for Students with Intellectual Disabilities and the Recommendations for Building an Inclusive Higher Education System.
Students from the Social Work bachelor's and master's programmes were part of the ISMT working group.
It was a day full of challenges and new learning.
Here are some photos from the event: