Applied Mathematics (271134)

Learning Outcomes

Qualify the students with the main concepts of Linear Algebra and the main concepts, fundamental results and techniques of Differential and Integral Calculus necessary to develop basic skills in the training area.

Develop reasoning ability and critical spirit, encouraging the use of the concepts and techniques studied in the resolution of problems in management.

Study Program

I Linear Algebra

  1. Matrices
  2. Determinants
  3. Linear equations systems
  4. Vector spaces
  5. Economics and Management applications


  1. Differential Calculus in IR and IRn
  2. Functions of several variables
  3. Rate of change and partial derivatives
  4. Differential and approximation’s function 4. Economics and Management applications
  5. Optimization


III. Integral Calculus in IR and IRn

  1. Immediate integrals.
  2. Apply integrals to evaluate areas and volumes.



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