Child and Adolescent Developmental Psychology (251045)

Learning Outcomes

To know the central concepts and investigation methods in Developmental Psychology.
To characterize, from the epistemological point of view, the current trends of Developmental Psychology.
To know the theoretical models that allow an understanding of the human development in the perspective of the life cycle.
To identify and to characterize the main phases of the development in the physical, cognitive, social and emotional domains, as well as its articulation in the process of global and contextual development.
To recognize the different stages and the related fundamental characteristics of the prenatal period. To know the fundamental processes of development in the physicist, cognitive, emotional and social domains through childhood and adolescence.
To develop competences of development evaluation in the different age groups.

Study Program

1.    Introduction to the study of human development: conceptualization of development, theoretical perspectives and research methods.
1.1.    History and state of the art of developmental psychology
1.2.    The concept of development
1.3.    Evolution of the concept of childhood and its practical implications
1.4.    Theories of Development: basic assumptions
1.5.    The problem of stages in developmental psychology
1.6.    The problematic heredity environment in Development
1.7.    Methods used in child psychology
2.    Prenatal and neonatal development; pregnancy; childbirth; new born development and mother infant interaction.
2.1.    Prenatal development characterization
2.2.    Genetic and environmental factors
2.3.    Development of the new born and mother infant interaction
3.    Development throughout childhood physical, cognitive, emotional and social domains
3.1.    The child from 0 to 3 years
3.2.    The child from 3 to 6 years
3.3.    The child from 6 to 12 years
4.    Development during adolescence physical, cognitive, emotional and social domains
4.1.    Problems in Adolescence
4.2.    Puberty and sexuality development 
4.3.    Psychosocial Development



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