Communication Techniques (271137)

Learning Outcomes

  • To know the essential principles of academic and professional
  • communication, oral and written;
  • To develop competencies of oral and written communication on different genres and for different contexts;
  • To know how to cite and refer technical-scientific literature;
  • To know how to do a review;
  • To know how to do an oral presentation with a visual support;
  • To know how to a technical-scientific report;
  • To develop argumentation competencies.

Study Program

  1. General principles of academic and professional writing
    • Techniques to overcome writing ‘blockades’
    • Orientations for reviewing and editing
    • Principles for writing for the internet
    • Some types of technical-scientific assignments
      • The review
      • The oral presentation with visual support
      • The report
  1. Norms for the elaboration of technical-scientific texts
    • Literature citation and reference
    • Graphical presentation
    • Table of contents, insertion of tables, graphics and figures,
  2. among other
    • Annexes and appendices



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