Digital Video Editing (261303)

Learning Outcomes

1.    Introduce students to digital video editing; 
2.    Provide knowledge in video editing technics, visual effects and post production with the intention of understanding and developing video content; 
3.    Know and understand how to work with digital collaborative repositories concerning not only video contents, but issues regarding royalties; 
4.    Achieve knowledge in analyzing and thinking about video content; 
5.    It is also intend that students be able to enhance their creativity in order to produce video content by using video editing tools and applications.  

Study Program

1.    Historic fundaments of treating dynamic image;
2.    From montage to editing; 
3.    Image – basic notions of creating and planning shots; 
4.    Notions on editing types and visual effects; 
5.    Basic effects – cutting, cross dissolving, color correction, slow motion and overlay. 
6.    Cinematic effects; 
7.    Track Motion and image stabilization; 
8.    Chroma Keying and mask usage; 
9.    The development of video products – genre TV ad, institutional videos and branding in video content



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