Ethics and Social Responsability (271157)

Learning Outcomes

•    Contextualize ethics and social responsibility in the context of organizations. 
•    Understand the theoretical and practical relevance of ethics and corporate social responsibility. 
•    Recognize the importance of integrating social responsibility into the strategy, policies and activities of the organizations. 
•    Knowing different social actions implemented by organizations. 
•    Knowing concepts and issues of sustainability and sustainable development.
•    Knowing certifications related to corporate social responsibility.

Study Program

•    Historical context of ethics and social responsibility of organizations. Strategic development of ethics in organizations. 
•    Third Sector (civil society and other organizations that compose it). 
•    Internal and external corporate social responsibility. 
•    Social, economic and environmental actions (Triple Bottom Line). Sustainability and sustainable development. 
•    Certifications (SA 8000, ISO 26000, BS 8800)


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Machado Filho, C.P. (2006). Responsabilidade Social e Governança – O debate e as implicações. São Paulo: Pioneira Thomson Learning.