Financial Accounting I (271035)

Learning Outcomes

The general objectives are:
1. Understand accounting purposes and fundamental concepts;
2. Knowledge of the accounting legislation, in particular SNC;
3. Solve practical cases, by applying accounting standards

Study Program

1)    Introduction.
    a)    The importance of accounting as a management tool. 
    b)    The financial statements and their users
    c)    Accounting standardization system (SNC) 
2)    Fundamental concepts. 
    a)    Net equity and its constituent elements
    b)    Fundamental accounting equation
    c)    Accounting record. The accounts, study and movement
    d)    Spending, expense and cash payment, income, revenue and cash receipt
3)    Conceptual Structure of the accounting standardization system (EC)
4)    Structure and content of the financial statements.
5)    Asset, Liability, Equity, spending and income accounts.
6)    Study of accounting and financial reporting standards related with – NCRF nº 1,2,6,7,11,18 and 20, the Conceptual Structure for the preparation of the financial statements (EC) and the Bases for the presentation of the financial statements (BADF). 
7)    Resolution of practical cases.


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