History and Aesthetics of Mediatized Image (261297)

Learning Outcomes

•    To discern the most important marks of the History of Image;
•    To apprehend the complexity of the notion of image in western culture throughout modernity;
•    To understand the polysemy of the concept of image in inter-connection with historic evolution, and technological, economic, social and aesthetic development.

Study Program

1.    Image and Theory
    1.1.    The Image Concept;
    1.2.    Mimesis: Image and Similarity in Greek Philosophy;
    1.3.    Image and Economy: Mediations Present in the Medieval Iconoclasm

2.    The Image and its Cultural Mediations
    2.1.    The Power of Images in the Generation of Emotions;
    2.2.    Aniconism: Myth or Reality?
    2.3.    Art and Cultural Aesthetics: Complex Interconnections;

3.    Image and Technique: Media Images
    3.1.    Visual Culture Instituted by Modern Optical Devices;
    3.2.    Technical Image and its Possibilities of Reproduction;
    3.3.    The Contemporary Mediations of Image Technicization.



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