Design History and Theory II (261280)

Learning Outcomes

•    Understand the influence and the aesthetic evolutions with relevance for
•    Design History and Theory, between the ‘30s up until the XXI century;
•    Create awareness about the most relevant events for Communication Design as a Discipline from the ‘30s onwards;
•    Understand, via the promotion of critical assessment and interpretation ability, the technological impact and influence in theories, ideas and creative processes;
•    To interpret present views of Design.

Study Program

1.    The International Style and the systematization of Design processes;
2.    Bauhaus and the legacy in contemporary design;
3.    Italian design, creator of global trends;
4.    Scandinavian design, simplicity and functionality;
5.    The Cultural Revolution and the Style Wars;
6.    Visual Identities and Global Communication Systems;
7.    The technological boom and the Information Age;
8.    Citizen Designer: Design for Social Good;
9.    Design, Criticism and Media in Design for the New Millennium.



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