History of Media (261187)

Learning Outcomes

1. To assess the extent to which communication has been an instrument at the service of man since the dawn of mankind.
2. Relate the history of the Communication to the political regimes in force in different countries over time and up to the present day.
3. Analyze the evolution of the history of the Press, relating it to the different business models
4. To recognize the social and informative role played by Cinema, Radio and Television.
5. Evaluate the impact of "new media and social networks".

Study Program

1.    Module 1. Communication as an instrument at the service of man from the beginnings of mankind 
    - Forms and functions of communication. 
    - Means of transmitting information before the appearance of the media. 

2.    Module 2. History of Social Communication 
    - From Antiquity to the Classical World 
    - The Middle Ages and the Birth of the Press 
    - Books and first publications 
    - Revolution in the press sector 
    - Journalism in the Modern Age 
    - Protestantism and early periodicals 
    - The role of advertising in the financing of the press 
    - The industrialization of the press 
    - Publications in Portugal 
    - The appearance of daily newspapers 
    - The cinema and its influence in the news 
    - Radio and its development as a means of mass communication 
    - Television: scientific advances that gave origin and implantation in Portugal and in the world. 
    - The mass media and their role for the homogenization of the receiving public. 
    - The first half of the twentieth century and the main transformations in social communication: the two great wars. 
    - The Portuguese case: forms of censorship from the First Republic to the period of Salazarist dictatorship. 
    - The Revolution of 25 April and the main changes in the Portuguese media sector: professionals, associations, new publications. 
    - The news agencies. 
    - Photojournalism, its genesis and development. 
    - The history of the internet and the appearance of webjournalism.
    - Journalism Vs Historian - Comparison



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