Informational Graphic Design (261201)

Learning Outcomes

Students are invited to develop, in this course unit, skills in the field of image editing programs (eg. Photoshop) and layout (here through the InDesign software). 

Study Program

1.    Image editing 
    1.1.    Learning to handle the essential tools provided by the Photoshop program. 
    1.2.    Image resolution concept 
    1.3.    Digital file formats 
    1.4.    Presentation of Photoshop controls 
    1.5.    Image scanning 
    1.6.    Image processing resources: selection of image areas, brightness, adjustments, saturation, cpntrast, hue, luminosity, retouching, effects. 
    1.7.    Image cropping and scaling features
    1.8.    Color manipulation
    1.9.    Basic design functions. 
2.    Pagination/graphic composition, some basics.
    2.1.    Scripto-visual features of pagination 
    2.2.    Text and photography in the press. Complementarity or exclusion relations? 
    2.3.    The era of “visual newspapers”
    2.4.    Adequacy of the graphic style to the public/target 
    2.5.    Paratextual feasures (from headings to glyphs)
    2.6.    Photo-captions 
    2.7.    Infographics 
    2.8.    Panoply of constituent elements of a newspaper page 
    2.9.    Typography 
    2.10.    The aesthetic value of “white” on pages
    2.11.    Different types of layout 
    2.12.    The specificity of the first page 
    2.13.    The last page 
3.    Pagination using the InDesign program
    3.1.    Learning to handle the essential tools provided by the InDesign program
    3.2.    The work environment of the InDesign program
    3.3.    The layout
    3.4.    The text
    3.5.    Importing images
    3.6.    Objects
    3.7.    Color
    3.8.    Effects
    3.9.    Creating PDFs
    3.10.    Printing

4.    Process of placing paperback books and books in epub format on (Kindle platform
    4.1.    Basic notions
    4.2.    Examples of processes already completed in both formats, based on the publication of teachers' books
    4.3.    The publishing process on the Kindle platform
    4.4.    Advantages of publishing in paperback (print on demand) and in epub formats, for tablets and smartphones

- - - - - - - -
Due to the dynamics generated in the class, and always bearing in mind the benefit of the students, the scheduling of the aforementioned contents may change.
If the students demonstrate that they already have basic knowledge of Photoshop, this part of the subject will be abbreviated, in benefit of the other contents



Porwepoint Presentations and Tutorial Videos provided by the Professor

Powerpoint Presentation “Introduction to Informational Graphic Design”
Author: Dinis Manuel Alves
Available at: Google Drive: 

Powerpoint Presentation “Formato | Grelha | Mancha”
Author: Dinis Manuel Alves
Available at: Google Drive 

Video-tutorial 1
Placing a semi-transparent background on a page
In addition to the video, authored by the teacher, the folder available on Google Drive includes the Adobe inDesign file, as well as associated elements.
Google Drive: