Labor and Human Resources Economy (261218)

Learning Outcomes

* Contextualize the workings of the labor market
* Understand the conventional economic perspective about the labor maket functioning
* Critically discuss the conventional economic perspective of the labor market
* Relate the alternative perspectives of the labor market
* Understand and apply the economic models to personnel economics

Study Program

1. Introduction to Labor Economics (general aspects of the labor market; the need for a theory)
2. Labor supply (preferences, budget constraints; labor supply curve; elasticities;)
3. Job demand (the production function; short-term and long-term employment decision-making; labor demand curve, elasticities)
4. Equilibrium in the labor market (equilibrium in perfect cooperation; equilibrium in imperfect cooperation).
5. Criticism of the neoclassical view of the labor market (the unrealism of budgets; lack of empirical foundation; alternative perspectives)
6. The application of the principles of Labor Economics to the management of human resources (genesis and evolution of the personnel economy)
7. Economic theories in human resource management (human capital theory; signaling theory; compensating differentials theory)



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