Management Accounting (261167)

Learning Outcomes

Students must understand the main differences between Financial Accounting and Management Accounting, know the fundamental concepts of the latter, as well as the main methods and processes used to establish product and service costs.
Students must know the different ways of determining costs in organisations, with the intention to establish results and support the decision-making process in an organisation.

Study Program

1.    Management Accounting Framework.
    1.1.    Differences between Financial Accounting and Management Accounting.
    1.2.    Scope and objectives of Management Accounting.
2.    Fundamental concepts in Cost Accounting.
    2.1.    Cost classification.
    2.2.    Components of the production cost. 
3.    The use of accounting information for decision-making.
    3.1.    The analysis of Expenditure, Volume and Result and its constraints.
    3.2.    The Critical Point. Margin of safety.
4.    Costing Systems.
    4.1    To identify and characterize the main costing systems. 
    4.2    Total and Variable Costing System. Rational Costing.
5.    The problematic of the imputation of indirect costs: from the method of homogeneous sections to activity-based costing (ABC).
6.    Methods for determining production costs.
7.    Standard Costs
8.    Budget as an instrument to support management
9.    Modern Management Accounting Techniques



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