Marketing (271166)

Learning Outcomes

After completing the curricular unit, students should be able to:
- Introduce concepts of strategy and strategic thinking in real scenarios
- Understand the nature, risks and critical success factors of innovations
- Know how to apply the concept of segmentation and strategic positioning to an organization
- Develop a marketing plan for an organization
- Acuire notions of qualitative and quantitative research methods
- Use concepts and analysis/diagnostic tools in Marketing 
- Understand the use of variables of communication, relying on the Strategic Marketing Plan 
- Relate microeconomic concepts with strategic management options in Marketing

Study Program

I. Fundamentals of marketing
1.1 Marketing concept and its evolution
1.2 The great trends of marketing management
1.3 Marketing and the new technologies
1.4 The organization of marketing services
II. Strategic marketing
2.1 Market research and diagnostic models
2.2 Study of the market segmentation concept
2.3 Study of the market concept
2.4 Study of the positioning concept
III. Operational marketing
3.1 Marketing-mix policies
3.2 Marketing communication policies
IV. Implementation and control
4.1 Support models for strategic decision-making in marketing management
4.2 Marketing strategies and implementation options
4.3 Competitive strategies
4.4 Marketing plan
4.5 Control policies


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