Operations Research (271047)

Learning Outcomes

Introduction to the basic concepts, techniques and tools that underline the formulation and modelling of Management Science problems. We insist on discussing the importance of the nature and goals of Operations Research (OR), formulating mathematical models and analysing their sensitivity by drawing alternative scenarios and solving what if problems. 

Study Program

1. Introduction to operations Research (OR)
1.1. Applications and typical problems
2. Linear programming
2.1.Formulating the problem
2.2. The Simplex Method
3. Sensitivity Analysis and Duality
3.1. Shadow prices
3.2. The Dual Problem
3.3. Prima -Dual Relationships
4. The Transportation Problem (TP)
4.1. The TP model
4.2. Resolution
5. The Assignment Problem
5.1. The TP model
5.2. Resolution


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