Product Management (271175)

Learning Outcomes

•    To identify and describe the product mix
•    To analyse a product's performance;
•    To strategically and operatively manage a product;
•    To make strategic decisions when managing a range of products;
•    To prepare a plan for the launch of a new product.

Study Program

1.    Basic Concepts:
1.1.    The market and the Product - current trends
1.2.    Company management versus product management
1.3.    Product Levels;
1.4.    Product's Life-Cycle;
1.5.    Services
2.    Product Management:
2.1.    Distribution analysis; 
2.2.    Strategic Decisions in the Product Management;
2.3.    Price;
2.4.    Communication;
2.5.    Brand;
2.6.    Package;
2.7.    Sales Support Service;
2.8.    PM Matrix.
3.    New Product Development:
3.1.    Idea Generation;
3.2.    Idea Approach;
3.3.    Concept Development and Test;
3.4.    Marketing Strategy Development;
3.5.    Performance Assessment;
3.6.    Product Development and Marketing;


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