Seminar on Game Theory (271176)

Learning Outcomes

This course’s main goal is to give an overview of some relevant aspects of Game Theory, as well as to provide applications to managerial strategic decisions.

Study Program

I.    Introduction to Game Theory
II.    Weak and Strictly Dominated Strategies
III.    Iterated Elimination of Dominated Strategies
IV.    Concept of Best Response
V.    Pure strategies and Nash Equilibrium
VI.    Mixed Strategies and Nash Equilibrium
VII.    Evolution and Game Theory
VIII.    Backwards Induction
IX.    Additional Topics on Game Theory


Dutta, Prajit K. (1999). Strategies and Games – Theory and Practive, 1st Edition, The MIT Press.
Leyton-Brown, K. e Shoham, Y. (2008), Essentials of Game Theory, Morgan & Claypool.