Statistics I (271164)

Learning Outcomes

To provide students with knowledge about the fundamental concepts of statistics and acquire skills in the use of specific tools in data analysis (SPSS) in social sciences research.

Study Program

I - General concepts of statistical
1.1. Types and stages of social research
1.2. Statistical functions
1.3. Populations and samples
1.4. Statistical parametric and nonparametric
1.5. Use of numerical series

II - Data Organization
2.1. Proportions, percentages, ratios and rates
2.2. Frequency distribution
2.3. Graphical representations

III - Measures of central tendency
3.1. Mode, median and mean

IV - Measures of dispersion
4.1. Range
4.2. Mean Deviation
4.3. Variance
4.4. Standard deviation

V - Measures form
5.1. Skewness
5.2. Kurtosis

VI – Correlation
6.1. Pearson 
6.2. Spearman

VII - Analysis of Regression
7.1. Regression model
7.2. The line of regression

VIII - Tests of differences between means
8.1. T test for independent groups
8.2. T test for paired groups
8.3. ANOVA (K Samples)


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