Strategic and International Human Resources Management (301034)

Learning Outcomes

Provide students with knowledge and core competencies that enable them to develop strategic and international human resource management practices, which aligned with business strategies, contribute for organizational value creation.

Study Program

1. Introduction
1.1. The current management paradigm: people as the main competitive factor.
1.2. New trends and challenges of human resources management - strategic and international.
1.3. The current core competencies of HR management professionals.
2. Strategic Human Resource Management
2.1. Concept and objectives of strategic HR management.
2.2. HR management alignment with organizational strategy: evidence of theory and practice.
2.3. Contingencial perspective Vs universalist perspective (best practices) and the relevance of organizational climate and culture.
2.4. Strategic management in HR management processes: roles and contributions.
2.5. Measurement of HR management processes and demonstration of organizational impacts.
2.5.1. Indicators and KPI calculation formulas - Key performance indicators.
2.5.2. The construction and interpretation of HR business equation, while business plan integrated strategy;
2.6. Diagnosis / organizational assessment to strategic human resource management.
3. International Human Resource Management
3.1. Concepts and models of international human resources management (IHRM) and international strategic human resource management (ISHRM).
3.2. Influence of contexts and internationalization strategies on IHRH processes.
3.3. Organizational cultural dimensions theories: The Hofstede and Trompenaars studies.
3.4. The expatriation: organizational objectives and the process.
3.4.1. Organizational needs and sociocultural adjustment of expatriates.
3.4.2. Selection, expectations and international careers management
3.4.3. Expatriate manager profiles and control mechanisms on subsidiaries.
3.4.4. Advantages and disadvantages of selecting expatriates Vs natives.



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