Duration: 6 Semesters

Scientific Coordination: Professor Doutor Rui Rodrigues

Executive and International Coordination: Dr. Frederico Fonseca


The objectives of this degree are to train graduates with the tools and skills to:

Interpret and build with semantic rigor oral and written statements suitable for different media and contexts;

Develop the ability to innovate, denoting creativity, in different communication situations; exercise the capacity for criticism and self-criticism in professional situations;

Identify notions of Information Society, Globalization, Network;

Know the legislation that regulates Communication;

Recognize the communication process and the sensory processes inherent to it; know and apply tools of Information and Communication Technologies;

Learn techniques and models in graphic and vector design;

Know and apply specific technical principles of Audiovisuals in the areas of Production and Directing;

Mastering computer programming principles and techniques;

Know theoretical principles and apply techniques of photography;

Know theoretical principles and apply techniques of Sonoplasty;

Produce web content;

Apply graphic communication tools;

Learn and apply content on virtual scenography and animation;

Distinguish and apply scripting/screenplay techniques for Multimedia and Audiovisual;

Possess knowledge of systems and database analysis;

Understand different socio-cultural interactions in Cyberspace.

Degree website:

Study Program

Curricular Units ECTS
Introduction to the Study of Communication 4
Models of Multimedia Narrative and Visual Communication 4
Fundamentals of Design 5
Introduction to Algorithm 5
Digital Photography 5
Image Analysis 4
Option 1 3
Curricular Units ECTS
Cyberculture 5
Workshop on Multimedia I 5
Digital Image Processing 5
Graphic Design 5
Art Theory 2
Programming I 5
Option 2 3
Curricular Units ECTS
Programming II 5
Vector Design 4
Scriptwriting for Multimedia 5
Psychology of Perception 3
Video Production 4
Sound Theory 4
Multimedia Laboratory II 5
Curricular Units ECTS
Editorial Design 4
Multimédia Games Development 4
Audiovisual Direction 4
Audio Production 4
Webdesign I 4
Programming III 5
Workshop on Multimedia III 5
Curricular Units ECTS
3D Animation I 5
Digital Video Editing 6
Communication Law 2
Creative Industry and Business Models 2
Workshop on Sound I 5
Webdesign II 6
Workshop on Multimedia IV 4
Curricular Units ECTS
3D Animation II 6
Workshop on Sound II 6
Workshop on Video 6
Multimedia Project 12

Study Program

Optional Curricular Units 1 ECTS
History of Contemporary Design 3
History of Visual Arts 3
Photography and Documental Video 3
English I 3

Study Program

Optional Curricular Units 2 ECTS
Creative Writing 3
Infographics 3
Interactive Television 3
English II 3

Employment Opportunities

At the end of the 1st cycle of studies of the degree in Multimedia, students are qualified to exercise the various new professions that guarantee the harmonious articulation between the fields of Communication, Information Technology and Design. These professions, in true and unstoppable growth, are the most important and essential in the context of the current Knowledge and Information Society.


Web designer;

Project management in the area of information systems, specifically in multimedia production and publishing (internet, digital media, online publications, …);

Graphic and image production direction;

Computer and Audiovisual Media Centers;

Image and sound editing departments in audiovisual production companies;

Graphic creation departments for screen (including TV and video);

Creative departments in advertising companies;

Computer and Audiovisual Media Centers;


Teaching in the field of ICT;

Liberal professionals in the field of multimedia communication.

Admission Requirements

Application Classification for National Students:

Secondary education final grade – 50%;

Entrance Exam Classification – 50%.

One of the following national exams:

10 Descriptive Geometry

16 Mathematics

18 Portuguese

International Students please consult our page dedicated to you: International Students 


Order number 9034/2020 [in portuguese]  [pdf]

Degree accredited by the Portuguese Agency for Assessment and Accreditation of Higher Education - A3ES  [in portuguese] – (pdf)

Registered in DGES – R/A-Ef 987/2011


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Office for International Relations:, +351 239 488 037