Human Resources Management


Duration: 6 Semesters

Coordenation: Célia Maria Ferras dos Santos, PhD
Executive Coordinator: Sara Lopes Borges, PhD
International Coordinator: Fátima Ney Matos, PhD,
Coordination Contact:


The main objectives of this study cycle are as follows:

  • Provide students with a sense of the current role to be played by human resources managers in organizations in general;
  • Provide students with knowledge of the most recent instruments in the area of Human Resources Management;
  • Train specialists in Human Resources Management who master the main techniques and instruments of Human Resources Management, taking into account the current organizational contexts, in which there is a change in work organization models, namely due to the emergence of new work realities, and where the keywords are “change” and “adaptation”.

Study Programs

Employment Opportunities

The professional opportunities for holders of a degree in Human Resources Management are diverse, however we highlight the following:

  • Exercise of functions as HR manager/technician in Human Resources Departments of companies and organizations in general;
  • Exercise of consulting functions in the area of HR as a liberal professional;
  • Exercise of consultancy functions in companies of consultancy, recruitment and selection, temporary work, outplacement, etc.;
  • Exercise of specific consultancy functions in the area of Occupational Safety and Hygiene.

It should also be noted that these professionals can work in different types of organizations, regardless of their size, business area or sector of activity, since people management is transversal to organizations of the most diverse types and sectors of activity.

Admission Requirements 

Application Classification for National Students:

  • Secondary education final grade – 50%;
  • Entrance Exam Classification – 50%.

One of the following Portuguese national exams:

  • 06 Philosophy
  • 11 History
  • 04 Economy
  • 18 Portuguese

International Students please consult our page dedicated to you: International Students

Erasmus students please contact our Office for International Relations: 


Order number 9036/2020 [pdf] [in Portuguese]


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