Communication Design


Duration: 6 Semesters

Coordination: Maria Luísa Abreu da Costa, PhD
Coordination Contact:


The 1st cycle degree in COMMUNICATION DESIGN aims to train individuals with the ability to conceive visual communication supports, in terms of identity image, advertising design (posters, advertisements, videos, etc.), editorial design (newspapers, magazines, books, catalogues, brochures, etc.) and packaging design for companies and institutions.

The graduate will acquire specific skills to be able to carry out activities in the fields of research project and cultural action within the scope of Communication Design.

Study Program

Curricular Units ECTS
Communication Design I 7
Design Technologies 5
History and Theory of Design I 5
Drawing I 5
Communication Theories 4
Image Analysis 4
Curricular Units ECTS
Communication Design II 7
Webdesign I 4
History and Theory of Design II 5
Drawing II 6
Creation Models and Techniques 4
Sociology of Communication 4
Curricular Units ECTS
Communication Design III 8
Webdesign II 6
Video Production I 4
Psychology of Perception 3
Advertising Theories 4
Optional Curricular Unit I 5
Curricular Units ECTS
Project I 10
Video Production II 5
Introduction to Aesthetics 3
Communication Semiotics 3
Infographics 3
Optional Curricular Unit II 6
Curricular Units ECTS
Project II 11
Digital Video Editing 6
Entrepreneurship and Innovation 5
Documentary Video and Photography 3
Optional Curricular Unit III 5
Curricular Units ECTS
Seminar 9
Internship 21

Study Program

Optional Curricular Units I and III ECTS
Statistical Methods 5
3D Animation I 5
Sound Atelier 5
Digital Photography 5

Study Program

Optional Curricular Units II ECTS
3D Animation II 6
Photojournalism 6

Employment Opportunities

Communication and Image Design Departments;
Communication and Image Design Consulting Companies;
Graphic Arts Companies;
Marketing Communication Departments.

Admission Requirements

Application Classification for National Students:

Secondary education final grade – 50%;

Entrance Exam Classification – 50%.

One of the following Portuguese national exams:

03 Drawing

12 History of Culture and Arts

18 Portuguese

International Students please consult our page dedicated to you: International Students

Erasmus students please contact our Office for International Relations: 


Degree accredited by the Portuguese Agency for Assessment and Accreditation of Higher Education - A3ES.

Order number 9033/2020 [pdf] [in Portuguese]


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Office for International Relations:, +351 239 488 037