Business Communication


Duration: 6 Semesters

Coordination: Luís Filipe Silva, PhD
Coordination Contact:


The degree in Business Communication aims to train individuals for the generalized changes resulting from the application of technology, in organizational relationships within the scope of Marketing Communication. The graduate must acquire specific skills – included in the basic, expertise, complementary and optional scientific areas – to be able to perform the following functions: Marketing Professional, Advertising and Creativity Professional and Public Relations Professional.

Study Program

Curricular Units ECTS
Communication Theories 4
General Theory of Organizations 6
Advertising Theories 4
Marketing and Communication 6
Decision Support Systems 6
Curricular Units ECTS
History and Aesthetics of the Mediatized Image 4
Communication Semiotics 3
Creative Methods and Techniques 4
Strategic Marketing 5
Macroeconomics 4
Ethics, Deontology and Communication Law 5
Human Resources Management 5
Curricular Units ECTS
Public Relations Theory 3
Management Accounting 6
Public Relations Strategies 3
Statistical Methods 5
Video Production I 4
International Marketing 4
Optional Curricular Unit I 5
Curricular Units ECTS
Consumer Behavior 4
Cyberculture 5
Press Office 4
Business Law 4
Video Production II 5
Marketing of Political Organizations and the Social Economy 4
Optional Curricular Unit II 4
Curricular Units ECTS
Strategic Management of Organizations 6
Protocol 4
Opinion Polls and Studies 5
Web Content Production 6
Digital Advertising 3
Digital Video Editing 6
Curricular Units ECTS
Seminar 9
Internship 21

Study Program

Optional Curricular Units 1 ECTS
Design Fundamentals 5
Tis Strategic Planning 5
Entrepreneurship and Innovation 5

Study Program

Optional Curricular Units 2 ECTS
Organizational Behavior 4
Information Technology 4
Graphic Design 4

Employment Opportunities

Marketing Management;
Public Relations;
Image Advisor;
Communication Manager;
Press and Protocol Advisor;
Market Analyst;
Creative Advertising;
Advertising Producer;
Graphic Producer;
Media Researcher;
Media Planner;
Media Monitor.

Admission Requirements

Application Classification for National Students:

Secondary education final grade – 50%;

Entrance Exam Classification – 50%.

One of the following Portuguese national exams:

06 Philosophy

12 History of Culture and Arts

17 Mathematics Applied to Social Sciences

18 Portuguese

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Order number [pdf] [in Portuguese]  Degree accredited by the Portuguese Agency for Assessment and Accreditation of Higher Education - A3ES.

Decision of the Portuguese Agency for Assessment and Accreditation of Higher Education [pdf] [in Portuguese]


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